About Our Riding

London West Conservative EDA

The London West Conservative EDA is a federal electoral district association of the Conservative Party of Canada.  We nominate and support the election of a Conservative candidate as a Member of Parliament to Canada’s House of Commons.  We promote the principles of the Party in London West and maintain an effective association for that purpose.

Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative Party of Canada is a federal political party built on a history of 150 years of conservative political action.  Our party’s guiding principles include a balance of fiscal accountability, progressive social policy, and individual rights and responsibilities.  We believe in a sovereign and united Canada governed in accordance with the Constitution, the supremacy of our parliamentary institutions, and the rule of law.  We believe in the equality of all Canadians and the freedom of the individual.

What is London West?

London West is a federally organized electoral district generally on the west and south sides of London, Ontario.  The voters of London West are responsible for electing one of Canada’s 338 Members of Parliament to the House of Commons.  For more details on London West, please visit http://www.elections.ca/res/cir/maps2/mapprov.asp?map=35053&lang=e