Meet Liz

Liz Snelgrove

My name is Liz Snelgrove and I am running to be your next federal Member of Parliament in London West.


Now, more than ever before, our city needs leaders who are driven to deliver on employment, economic development in our city, and making life more affordable for families.


As a longtime resident of London, and a professional healthcare consultant, I have the right skills and experiences needed to deliver on the pressing needs facing our city. I am a Western graduate (Hon. Political Science) and I returned to school in 2007 - 2009 as a participant in Ivey’s Executive MBA program. Juggling the demands of the EMBA, my role as Vice-President at a national health management company while raising two school-aged children was challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. My twenty-five years of experience in the healthcare sector has led me to believe that we need to do more to prepare for the 'silver tsunami.' Canada’s population is aging rapidly, particularly in Ontario and we must focus on preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and dementia, which means doing more than funding 'sick care.'


I am a supporter of the London Community Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Alzheimer's Society. I have close ties with Ivey as an alumna and former employee. I graduated from Oakridge high school, and call London West my home. I am running to be your federal Member of Parliament in London West because I have a passion for our city. I am driven to make it better than it is and I will fight for you when it comes to the serious issues facing London.


In the past four years, I don't think we have been well-served by the Liberals. There is work to be done and it must begin now. I am asking for your support as I run to be your next Member of Parliament in London West. I promise to be a representative who will always listen, work to find solutions to problems, and then fight to make change happen.


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Liz Snelgrove